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PT. Asta Karya Indotama

This company was established based on the Deed of Establishment dated 23 November 2012 No.38 made in front of Ms. Rima Agstina, SH. notary in Medan and has been approved by the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia with a decree dated January 29, 2013 no. AHU-03415.AH.01.01 2013 and experienced several changes.PT. Asta Karya Indotama is a company engaged in the Street Light Distributor with the manufacturer PT. Philips Indonesia for the Public Segment and HoneyWell Security System, which provides a variety of Public Street Lighting (PJU) and Security System products.PT Asta Karya Indotama is fully committed to providing innovative solutions to the needs of Public Road Lighting and Security Systems. PT Asta Karya Indotama is increasingly gaining trust from consumers and work partners as evidenced by the increasing number of consumers and partners who work with PT. Asta Karya Indotama.OUR MOTO Give the best, Brave, honest and sincereVISION AND MISSION Participating actively in making products and components of PJU and Security System with good quality that can be relied upon and competitive prices to meet customer needs.OUR PRINCIPLE Work transparently